Ahrefs vs Semrush: Which Tool is Best in 2022

To rank in Google, we always need an SEO tool. If we talk about SEO tools, there are two best SEO tools (Aherf vs Semrush ). In this post, we are talking about Aherf vs Semrush, which is better?

If you want to know which tool is best for Bloggers, read this article minutely.

In this post,. I am going to compare Aherf vs semrush.

Table of Contents

Compare in:

  • Keywords research features
  • Technical SEO features
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Pricing and value
  • Unique features
  • Other features

Let’s get start it!

An introduction: Aherf vs Semrush

In the right corner, we have Aherf. A few years ago, Aherf was only focus on links. But now they have added tons of features which will help you to improve your seo.

Aherf features:

  • Backlinks tracking and analysis feature
  • Keywords research feature
  • Rank tracking feature
  • Lot of technical SEO tools

Semrush Features:

In the left corner, we have Semrush. Semrush is highly esteemed for finding keywords. Semrush will help you to find your competitors main keywords where they have got their maximum traffic and revenue.

Although Semrush is a paid tool but you have a chance to get 30days free trial in Semrush. But Aherf do not have any free trial option.

  • Keywords explore
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Technical SEO tools
  • Position tracking
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Backlinks analytics
  • Ideas to gain more traffic
  • Full-time support


Which tools is best for keyword research

The most important thing before making a content is keyword. Low competition, high volume keywords are very important for geting more organic views on your blog. Aherf and Semrush have a keyword researching option.


If you want to discover keyword through Aherf, you will get these options

  • Keyword explorer
  • Explore competitors keywords

With keyword explorer tool, you can easily find high volume keywords.

You have to search for your main keyword. They will give you list similar keywords and their CPC, clicks, volume, and keyword differently.

Aherf is not only give you keywords, they give you total click on the keyword.

They tell you, your keyword is high competive oo not (High, medium, low)

You can also add filters and export your full data which make this tool super cool.

But in some cases, we have found wrong data in Aherf.semrush keyword research

semrush keyword research


Like Aherf, Semrush have same features with some minor differences.

The special thing in Semrush is, you will get keyword data in depth.

Besides Aherf all keyword features, semrush also give you keyword trends, number of results.


If we talk about keyword research, Semrush have a lot extra features than Aherf.

So winner is Semrush

Which tool is best for backlinks analyzing

I have already told you that Aherf was made for Link building. But they have added some features to compete with Semrush and other tools.


Aherf completly follow Google algorithm to index website links. If your backlinks are showing in Aherf, it means Google have indexed the backlink.backlink analyzer of semrush

backlink analyzer of semrush


If we talk about Semrush, they will index your backlinks within few days.

When I have analysed my 1 month old website on Aherf, they show me 10 refferring domain and 15 backlinks.

When I have analysed the same site on Semrush, they show me 12 refferring domains and 20 backlinks.

As Aherf follows Google algorithm, so they have only indexed my 10 refferring domains.

Which tool is best for rank tracking?

Aherf and Semrush have thier rank tracking tool.

Let’s compare it


I have recently checked ranking of my some posts. After checking my rank manually on Google, Aherf report was matched.

So Aherf ranking tool is really good.rank tracker

rank tracker


Semrush also have a rank tracking tools where you will get actual report. But Semrush is much better than Aherf. Because you will get visibility score option in Semrush which is not available in Aherf.

Semrush also update their reports 2-3 days. But Aherf will check reports weekly.


If we talk about Rank Tracking, Semrush report is much much better than Aherf. Semrush also have some extra features which make this tools unique.

Which tool is best for Technical Seo:

The next thing we will talk, is technical seo.


Aherf is working hard to improve thier tools. But I have recently seen some problems in Aherf.

I always check others sites to create backlinks and finding low competition keywords. But when I check a high authority site in Aherf, they gave 78% ( Seo score ). Because the site marked this categories and tags as nonindex. But we know that this is not problem. For better seo, we have to mark categories and tags as nonindex.traffic analytics

traffic analytics


If we talk about Technical seo, no one can beat Semrush because of their tops of features.

  • Crawl errors
  • Robot.txt errors
  • Analyze Broken links
  • SSL errors
  • Guide you in internal linking

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