20 best AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

AdSense is the best ad network. But some policy reason, some of the bloggers or website owners don’t get AdSense approval. So in this blog post, we will discuss on best Google Adsense alternatives

Why switch to AdSense alternatives?

Adsense is the best ad network for publishers. But in some cases, we can not approve for Adsense or if your Adsense account have been disabled. So that we need an ad network to earn from our blog.

List of Google Adsense alternatives:

  1. Media.net
  2. Ezoic
  3. A-ads
  4. Clickadu
  5. Adsterra
  6. Bidvatizar
  7. RevenusHits
  8. Sovrn
  9. Mediavine
  10. RichPartners
  11. Propeller Ads
  12. Monumetric
  13. PopAds
  14. AdClickMedia
  15. Evadav
  16. Infolinks
  17. Revcontent
  18. Admaven
  19. Affilist

Which types of websites don’t get adsense approaval?

If you don’t get AdSense approval then there are reasons for not getting approval. One of them is niche. If you are working in movie downloading, software downloading, WhatsApp status downing sites, or any one-page site, you will not get Adsense approval. So you have to use Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog to Generate a handsome from your blog.


Media.net is the most popular and No-1 Adsense alternative. If you want to get more clicks on your ads to earn more then you can use media.net. Because of media.net niche relevant ads on websites. But you need your maximum traffic from USA, UK, Canada to get high CPC. Here, you will get both text and display ads.

Like Adsense, you can create your own custom ad units here.

If you want to use any AdSense alternatives on this list then I will highly recommend using media .net

You can also get a referral program on this ad network which makes the ad networks unique from Adsense.


  • It is a high paying AdSense alternative. It is the best high paying alternative for Adsense.
  • It will provide you viewer-friendly. So that viewers do not face any problem.
  • You can use another network like Adsense, sovrn with this ad network.


  • You need to write all of your articles in English. Because media.net only allows English content.
  • You need traffic from US, UK, Canada. So it is really hard to get media.net approval
  • You have to follow all of their policies. Their policy is very hard like AdSense. So if your site is approved for media.net, your site cam easily approve for Adsense.


AdNow is a native ad network where you can earn money by showing native ads on your site. You can also earn money from this site with the referral program. This ad network will pay you for ads views and clicks. If you are not getting high traffic on your site, then I will not prefer you to join this network. Because AdNow provides very CPC for publishers and the minimum withdrawal of this is $200.

You can not complete your $200 if you don’t get more than 1 lack Traffic per month. So if you want to earn money with low traffic, I will prefer you to use another network from the list. They also provide low-quality ads.


This is very useful for new bloggers. You can also use this ad network on link shortener sites, festival scripts, movie download sites, and many more sites. Here you will get an instant approval for your site so you can use any type of website. You don’t need high traffic.

Here you get high CPC banner ads which make your site professional. If you don’t get approval on AdSense or media.net then I will prefer you to use A-Ads.

After signing up on the site, click on the create button. After this step, you have to select the site option and then you have to add the page URL where you want to show ads.

After successfully completing these steps, copy the HTML code and place it on your site.


I have signed up for this network a few times ago.

Offer Types they provide: CPM (Cost per Mile)

Traffic Types they accept: Desktop, mobile, and tablets

Types of ads you can show:

  1. Banner ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Pop ads
  4. Skim ads
  5. Popunder ads
  6. Push notification ads
  7. Instant text message ads

Whenever you will complete $50, you can withdraw your earnings with PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

The other pros of this site are you can also earn money from the site by inviting your friends to this network. This site will pay you for Lifetime if your friend will use this network.


I do not like this ad network because this ad network provides ads which is not user-friendly. I have used this network. But it is not right for publishers. If you want to try this, you can sign up for it. The good thing about this network is that provides a referral program that will help you to earn more.

After placing ad codes on your site, this site will redirect you to a new site if you open your site. This may cause a bad user experience. So I don’t prefer this platform.


This site is very old. This site is about 10+ old. You can trust this site. But it is not easy to approve on this site.
I do not recommend this site because they want 50000+ monthly traffic to approve on this site. Basically, this is a PPC network. But they also pay you for CPM.

If you don’t get approval on this site, you can use their referral program to earn money. Here you will different types of ads. Like a banner, pop, popunder, industrial, etc.

The pros of this site are, they support any language. If your site is not in English, you can get approval.

You can withdraw your payments after completing $10 with PayPal. You can also withdraw with Bitcoin.


This site is said to be a friend of new publishers. You can easily approve it on any site. This site gives us instant approval. You can easily approve in your every site like the one-page site, withing site, low traffic site, etc.
But you will earn very low.


  • Easy to approve for this website
  • No approval is required for this site
  • No minimum traffic is required


  • You will earn very low as their CPC rate is very low.


We know Admob is an ad network used for app publishers. After seeing AdMob on the list, I think you have shocked. But you can show AdMob ads on your site very easily. All of your earnings will be saved on your Adsense account.

To show AdMob ads on your site, just follow the steps

Go to AdMob and create an account. After 1-2 hours, the AdMob team will send you, your account is approved.

After this step, create a new ad unit and copy the Ad unit.

Then download the below code and replace the code with your ad unit codes.

Then you can show the ads anywhere on your site.


If you do not get AdSense approval or your AdSense was disabled for some reason, you can use sovrn. Because sovrn has the power to compete with AdSense. This site is known as a high CPM network. Do not submit your site if your site is not ready for sovrn.


  • Need more than 2 lack of traffic per month
  • Premium looking theme
  • Privacy policy, about us, etc pages


Mediavine is one of the best Adsense alternatives I have even seen. This network can beat Adsense in CPC rates. But approval for Mediavine, is not very easy. You should have an authority website and much traffic to get approval on their site.

But you can earn up to $10 per 1000 views from this ad network.


This network pays high CPC which beat AdSense this network is trusted and pays monthly


You should have a high authority website to get approved on their website


If you are finding a high CPC ad network, then you can go with RichPartners. You can get instant approval if your site got 5k users per month. According to their ad network, if you get 1 million views, you can $ 37,449.05

CPC rates are completely dependent on the country. If your site got traffic from the USA, you will get high CPC like AdSense.

This site supports English and Russian language if you want to get support.

This site also supports all types of websites like movie downloading, software downloading, and others.

Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads can be the best for you if you are finding aggressive ads for your site. You can find different types of ads on this platform. If you have a blog, you can use banner ads, popunder ads.

Ads types: Banner, Push Notifications, Interstitial, Popunder, and Direct Link

All types of websites can get approval on this site. But only High Authority sites with <500000 Alexa Rank can use Banner and Industrial Ads.


You will get different types of Ads

You can get High CPC ads

Anti AdBlock System


Only High authority sites with less than 500000 Alexa ranking can use Banner and Interstitial ads.


Monmetric offers you high CPC ads and they pay you both per impression and click. Monumetric gives approval with more than 10000 views per month.

Pop Ads:

If you are working on movie downloading any software downloading website then you can use pop ads to get more clicks on your ads. Because AdSense and media.net do not give you approval on any downloading website, so you have to use pop ads to monetize your website. Pop Ads is one best platforms if you want to show popunder and pop ads on your site.


AdClickMedia is one best reputed CPC-based ad networks. This ad network was started in 2009. They pay the publisher for ad clicks. 

Publishers also earn from this ad network from their email list. According to their ad network, more than 65k published join his network and they get more than 22M impressions per month.

AdClickMedia Review your site before site approval.

huge traffic is not required to join this network. Any website with legal content can join this network. Only publishers with a custom domain can join this network. You can not get approved with the .blogspot domain. 

Like AdSense, you can not click on your own ads.

You can add three types of ads to your site: Photo-Text ads, Banner ads, and Interstitial ads

The Minimum withdrawal of this site is $50

If you refer your friends, you will earn 10% from them for a lifetime.


Evadav is one of the best push notification networks. Evadav is a network focusing on push notifications. They also provide banner, native ads video slider ads for both mobile and desktop.

When a user subscribes to evadav from your site, he or she will get notifications and you will earn for a lifetime.

You can also earn money referred program of this site. 

Infolink is one of the best Adnetwork for you if you want to use different types of ads on your website.

Intext Ads:

Intext ads look like media media.net ads. You will get more clicks to your ads if you use these types of ads. Because your viewers will get a text ad related to your post.


Revcontent will be best for you if you are getting more than 50k visitors per month. This ad network is reputed for high-quality ads. You can find native ads on this platform. 

Revcontent doesn’t compromise with Quality. They only give approval to the Quality sites with more than 50k visitors per month. 

Before applying for this site, I want to tell you that they only accepted 6% of publishers on their site. Because they focus quality over quantity

You can also withdraw your earnings after completing $50. 

They also provide you full control over your ads.

You can Laos monetize your mobile app with this ad network.


Admavan is one of the best ad networks if you are finding pop ad networks. 

In some cases, bloggers don’t get Adsense approval for their niches. But you can add any type of site on this platform. 

They have a very clear interface. After signing up on this site, you can add your sites. If your site will approve, you can show the below types of ads

Banner VPN




They provide a very good to their publishers. They also give fast approval to the publishers. You can also add. blogspot.com domains on this site.


If you want to show banner ads on your site and want to get an instant approval for your site, you can use afflist. Affilist is one best platforms for pop ads. Not only pop ads, but you can also get banner ads on this site.

You can also use their referral program to earn 2x from this site. I personally use this site on my niche sites.

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