Best Free Keyword Research Tools in 2022

Without a keyword research tool for blogging is like a ship without a rudder. Every blogger should use a keyword research tool to check keyword volume, CPC, and competition.


If you are looking for the best keyword research tool for your blog or YouTube channel or amazon or bing or google or yahoo, you can use love,t you are free to use. You can use this tool to search for keywords for your channel and blog. I usually use this sloove to find topics and keywords for my blog and channel.


You will find most searched keyword suggestions You will get keyword suggestions for Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, etc,


You can not check keyword search volume, CPC, and difficulty

Uber Suggest:

UberSuggest is an SEO tool where you can check keyword CPC volume and difficulty. the founder of this website is Neil Patel. he made this website to help bloggers. so this website is fully free. but will be paid soon. you can also check website backlinks with UberSuggest.


  • This website is now free
  • This website is easy to use
  • You will get SEO related by Neil Patel is an SEO expert.


  • This website is very slow
  • This website will be paid very soon


SEMRUSH is a very famous paid tool and it will give you 10 days free trial. So that you can use this website for 10 days with one email account but you can use it for a long time by using different emails. Semrush is said to be the best keyword research tool in the world and they will give you the right keyword volume, CPC, and KEYWORD difficulty.


  • You will get 10 days free trial
  • All the provided information is correct
  • keyword research tool you will get other SEO tools.


  • This website is not free after 10 days you have to pay for this word you have to use another email
  • You can search for 2-3 keywords in a day.


KeySearch is one of my favorite tools for finding keywords. You will get a lot of features in their free version.


Daily Searches & Analysis- 5 which is enough for a new blogger.
Exact Domain Check

Content Assistant

Reporting/API Access


If you are a pro blogger, you will check only 5 keywords in the free version.
Rank Tracker Keywords- Not available in free version
Competitive Analysis Access- Not available in free version


If you want a keyword research tool where you can check keyword volume, CPC, difficulty, etc, you can use Wordtracker. This tool is not completely free. As you are a new blogger, their free version is enough for you.


You can check up to 8 keywords per day

In every search, they will show you 50 keyword

You can easily export them

You can also add another keyword


After completing the daily limit, you have upgraded your plan to pay

Keyword Tool Dominator:

You can check keywords for Google, Amazon, and YouTube. They also have a chrome extension. You can use it.

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