BinanceTurns4 Quiz Answers

BinanceTurns4 Quiz Answers

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Which two words combined form Binance? *

Binary + Finance

What color socks did CZ wear to meet The Premier of Bermuda, David Burt, in 2018? *


Is CZ’s Binance tattoo on his right arm or left arm? *


When did Binance Smart Chain (BSC) go live on mainnet? *

September 2020

What did CZ sell in 2014 in order to buy Bitcoin? *

His house

What is the name of the cybercriminal ring group Binance helped take down with international authorities including Ukrainian, Korean, American, Spanish and Swiss law enforcement agencies? *


Which of the following has Binance Charity help donated in the fight against COVID-19? *

All of the above

Which of the following is the embodiment of Binance’s ‘Hardcore’ core value? *

We fail fast, learn fast, and pick ourselves up from each challenge to move onward and upward.

What is the BNB equivalent of Bitcoin’s Satoshi, the smallest unit? *


What is the approach used by Binance for company direction to which the team attributes its success? *


Which of the following companies did CZ NOT work at? *


How many crypto-crypto trading pairs are currently available at Binance as of 1st July, 2021? *


How often do BNB burns happen? *

Every quarter

How did Binance Launchpad change to meet community needs? *

Switched from being first-come-first-served to proportionate distribution

How many languages does support? *


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BinanceTurns4 Quiz Answers
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BinanceTurns4 Quiz Answers
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