25 Free EDU Backlinks List In 2022

SEO has evolved over the years, and search engine algorithms continue to change. One popular method of gaining higher rankings is to obtain backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to your website that come from quality, authority sites. This is where free EDU backlinks come in handy. If you’re new to backlinks, you may be wondering how to get them. We’ll go over the basics, the sites you can get backlinks from, and how to get these backlinks.

A backlink, in the SEO world, is a link from another website to your own. When another website links to your site, they are vouching for the quality of your content and telling their audience that your site is worth checking out. In other words, getting backlinks is a sign of endorsement and can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages.

An edu backlink is a backlink coming from a website with a .edu domain extension. EDU websites are typically associated with schools, colleges, and universities, making them a valuable source of backlinks for SEO purposes. When a website links to another website, it is considered a “backlink.” The more backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in Google search results.

I will show you 2 simple ways to create quality backlinks very easily

1st Method:

To find Edu backlinks, you have to search like the below in google to find niche-related quality Edu backlinks.

site:.edu inurl:forum “keyword 1”

For example, if I am creating a post on Edu backlinks list, I. have to search it on google like

site:.edu inurl: forum “blogging”

2nd method:

You can also find niche-related do-follow Edu backlinks with Dropmylink.

Here you have to type the keyword, select do-follow. Then you can select a profile or comment or forum.

So, how do you get started? It’s actually quite simple: just head over to our website and download our free EDU backlinks list. This document is packed with information on all the best sites to get links from, including their contact information and submission guidelines. We’ve also included a few tips on how to make the most of your submissions.

In order to get the most out of your backlinking efforts, it’s important to target the right sites. So, how do you know which sites are worth targeting? The answer: our free EDU backlinks list.

There are three types of backlinks you can get: DoFollow, NoFollow, and Reciprocal. DoFollow links are the ones you want because they pass on the SEO benefits to your site. NoFollow links don’t offer any SEO benefits, but they can still help your website’s credibility and referral traffic. Finally, there are reciprocal links, which are simply two websites linking to each other. Most directories only offer DoFollow links, but there are a few that offer NoFollow or reciprocal links. You can find a list of all the major directories in our blog post, “Free EDU Backlinks: All the Sites and The Way to Get Them.”

So you’ve gathered your free EDU backlinks, congratulations! But don’t stop there, there are plenty of other ways to get high-quality links. Here are a few of our favorites:


Backlinks are the only on-page SEO factor that Google takes into consideration. This is why getting your site’s backlink profile right is critical to its success. What you need to do next, though, is go out and get some of these free Edu backlinks for yourself. Start with our list of sites that offer free EDU Backlinks, then move on to some other proven strategies before considering paid options if necessary.


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