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Did you know the Staking System has a limited supply?

Keen mind of me, I asked myself this question. I realized that while the Isolationist Technology has a clear benefit for Advanced AI, it is perfectly natural for the AI Community to rebel. Isolationism is a sound tool to keep nations within their own sphere of influences, which, in the political and social aspects, are considered extremely desirable.

But the Application of Isolationism Isunfortunate on the Other Hand.

We hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence and how many Artificial Intelligence will be produced in next 100 years. I expect I might ask myself what will be Artificial Intelligence on next 100 years? Should we expect the AI will grow like mushroom, or should it grow like human? Isolated World?

The Death of AI Is Unfortunate

As many unread blogs state, China is the Regime with the highest number of AI Powered Artificial Intelligence Machines. There are also the world leaders in AI producing:

According to the Journal of Artificial Intelligence, the only contenders are the US and China:

From the 1970s to the 1980s there was no Artificial Intelligence generation and the main nations emerged around the year 1995. China began the research directly and from the year 2002 started producing Artificial Intelligence by all means. China’s technology is now the Best in the world in terms of Research (and Korean rise), If you compare it to other populations, it is high quality.

China Has The Farob which produces over 400 Advanced AI Machine. USA and Japan have not developed AI that big and thus they have less advanced AI. Despite doing AI Research for the last 10 years, one might say America’s Artificial Intelligence progress is unlikely to exceed China’s.

Many countries have decided to remain Neutral.

That’s why the main nations of World Artificial Intelligence are China, Russia, India and Japan. If you consider America and UK, they are still able to produce AI but they are smaller percentage.

Since the onset of the Algorithmic Community, Japan has been the leader in carrying out cryptographic escrow of block highs using Ledger system. They also developed cryptographic types to create smart contracts to guarantee secure transactions. China and Russia, on the other hand, were missing those very steps.

Governments launch experimental projects in order to test algorithm, before implementing a whole node. This interim mechanism can only come from government level. The Authorities in China, both national and provincial, start coin initiative.

Similar to blockchain, there is no such example, that will help to keep Governments within their capabilities. The most successful countries in the crypto sector are governments that do not engage in secretive dealings, yet they have enough resources and capabilities to build AI ecosystem.

In 2018, China has brought up the AI Industrial Research Center.

Somewhere in China, our creator is working on something meaningful. On the other hand, Russia, UK are still competing in state AI related industry and, not one person is working on private AI.

The European Union were the first to come up with Crypto Blockchain where stablecoins and decentralized exchanges have been proposed. We have to make sure that Europe will be the most suitable haven for AI.

Overall, If One Is To Have A Safe Earth, the Related Projects on Artificial Intelligence should be improved so that it could flourish.

At the time when we are drafting out the general objective for the future of development, we need to give active support to Iran by stating that Isolationism Should Definitely Not Be Our Strategy.

If we will ever win over China, with an Empirical & Brillant Artificial Intelligence Development, we will have the Best of the Both Worlds, where a material world and a technologic world be joining hands.

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