How to Do SEO Without Paying For Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you get your web pages to rank higher in the search results than the competition. You can learn SEO and achieve this goal with free tools. It is possible to do SEO without paying for SEO tools. Today, we’re sharing how to do SEO without spending a penny on SEO tools.

1. Start with Google’s Free Tools

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to sacrifice your SEO efforts. There are a number of great, free tools out there to help you increase your website’s visibility and organic search traffic. The best place to start is with Google’s own tools. The company offers a variety of helpful tools, such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and Keyword Planner, to help you measure your website’s performance and optimize your content and keywords.

2. Write for Humans and Search Engines

When you’re writing for SEO, it’s tempting to craft your content for search engines alone. After all, if you can figure out the right keywords and include them in the right places, you’ll be rewarded with higher search engine rankings and more traffic. But if you only write for search engines, your content will be dry, lifeless and unappealing to humans. Worse yet, it might not be readable by search engines. The key to successful SEO is to write for humans and search engines simultaneously. When you focus on creating great content that people will love to read, the search engines will take notice.

One of the best (and free!) ways to increase your SEO is to use links and social media. When you link to other websites (especially high-quality websites), you’re passing on some of their authority to your own website. This is called “backlinking” and it’s a great way to improve your SEO. You can also increase your SEO by sharing your content on social media. This gets your content in front of more people and helps it to rank higher in search engine results pages. Make sure to use catchy, keyword-rich titles and descriptions when you share your content on social media. This will help it to stand out and attract more attention.

4. Optimize and Strategize

You don’t need to spend a penny on SEO tools to optimize your site and strategy. In fact, many of the best tools are completely free! Here are a few of our favorites: Google Search Console: This tool provides you with a wealth of info on your site’s visibility and performance in search. You can use it to find and fix errors, track your site’s mobile compatibility and more.

5. Focus on User Experience

Something that a lot of people forget is that good user experience is key to good SEO. When people have a good experience on your website, they’re more likely to stick around, browse more pages, and maybe even make a purchase. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, your pages load quickly, and your images are optimized. You don’t need expensive tools to do this; in fact, most of it can be done for free. Another thing to remember is that SEO is a long-term game. Results won’t happen overnight, so be patient and keep up the good work.


When you’re doing SEO without spending a penny, it all starts with Google. Their free tools can help you learn more about your users and how they interact with your website. From there, the trick is to write for humans and search engines alike, which will increase traffic to your site while also getting it ranked higher on search engines like Google. Use links and social media strategically in order to get the word out, but don’t forget that good content trumps everything else when it comes to SEO success. Finally, keep optimizing and strategizing so that you always stay one step ahead of the competition!

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