How to Index Backlinks in a Day for Free

Have you ever seen the message, “Page cannot be displayed” in your browser? There’s a chance that it’s because your site’s backlinks are broken. If you want to fix this problem, it’s going to take a little elbow grease. In this article, we’ll show you how to index backlinks for a website in a day. You’ll be surprised by how simple it is, but you’ll want to make sure you have a full day to dedicate to the process.

1. How to find qualified sites to offer a guest post to

In order to get the most out of your backlinking efforts, you need to target high-quality websites. Not only will this help you avoid spammy links, but it will also improve the chances that your links will be indexed and boost your SEO efforts. Here are three tips for finding qualified sites to offer a guest post to:

2. How to find qualified sites to offer a guest post to

So you’ve decided you want to start indexing your backlinks. Great! But how do you find quality sites to offer a guest post to? One way is to use a tool like Moz’s Open Site Explorer. This tool will show you the most linked-to pages on a given site. From there, you can check out the sites that are linking to those pages and see if any of them would be a good fit for a guest post from you. You can also use Google search to find blogs in your niche that allow guest posts. Just enter “blog + your niche” into the search bar and voila—you’ve got a list of blogs to choose from.

3. How to find qualified sites to offer a guest post to

When you’re looking for sites to offer a guest post, it’s important to make sure they’re qualified. What makes a site qualified? There are a few factors to consider: the site’s Domain Authority (DA), how relevant the site is to your niche, and how often the site is updated. You can use a tool like Moz’s Open Site Explorer to check a site’s DA, or use a tool like SEMrush to research a site’s backlinks and relevance. Once you’ve found a few sites that meet your qualification criteria, reach out to their editorial team and offer your guest post.

4. How to find qualified sites for guest posts

Here are a few tips to finding sites that are a good fit for a guest post: 1. Check to see if the site has a blog. If it does, that’s a good sign that the site is interested in content marketing. 2. Look for sites that have a high Domain Authority (DA). 3. See if the site covers topics that are relevant to your niche. 4. Check to see if the site has a good Alexa rank. 5. Make sure the site has a healthy blog readership. Once you’ve found a few sites that fit the bill, reach out to their blog editor and pitch your idea.

5. How to build a list of potential sites

The first step is to create a list of potential sites. For this, you can use a tool like Google Sheets, Excel, or any other type of software that can help you easily keep track of your links. In your spreadsheet, enter the following information for each site: the URL, the title of the page, the date you indexed it, and a status indicator (e.g. “indexed,” “not indexed,” “pending”). You can also add any other notes that you think might be helpful. Once you have your list of potential sites, it’s time to start building backlinks.


Regardless of whether you’re writing articles or creating videos, it can be difficult to get your content in front of the right people. We spend time and energy crafting blog posts and other content that we hope will reach a wide audience, but sometimes we just want to take a shortcut and tap into an existing network instead. If you’re interested in finding guest post opportunities without putting much effort into outreach yourself, check out this list for sites that accept guest posts from new writers!

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