How To Stake Luna Token 2021

Guys if you are an Airdrop hunter or a crypto investor, you must have heard about Luna Token. It is also listed on big exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, Bitmart.

Benefits of staking luna token:

it has great future planning and nfts and other strong projects select this network for low network fees.

it is not yet grown like Solana and Bnb. you can expect a profit like Solana in the future.

you will receive good apr and free airdrop tokens which may be worth more than $500

How To Buy Luna Token:

it’s a very popular token and its ranking is also under 20.

You can get buy this token from all big exchanges. But I will recommend you to buy it from Binance or Kucoin.

First of all you must have USDT to your Binance or Kucoin account.

If you are using Binance, click on the market (Spot ) and then search Luna. After that, you have to select Luna/USDT or if you have BTC or bnb or busd on your wallet, you can choose other pairs. After choosing, click on the buy option then change the limit to market or you can buy according to your choice. After that type how much worth of ($) Luna you want to buy. Then click on buy luna.

After successfully buying, go-to spot wallet and then click on luna > Withdrawal

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