How To Start a Money Making Blog Within 10 Minutes

Do you want to start a blog? If your answer is yes, you have landed at the right place on the internet because, in this post, I will share my personal experience to start a profitable blog from scratch.

The best thing about starting your own business online is it allows you to choose your schedule so that when most people are tired and looking forward to resting or sleeping at night, you can wake up and enjoy doing the thing that has motivated your business.

So, if you are ready to make millions of dollars from blogging and be able to set your hours, then keep reading!

I know some of you will ask in the comments section,

Can I earn money from blogging?

How much can we earn from blogging?

Don’t worry; I will answer all these questions. first, tell me

Are you not satisfied with your job?

Do you want to make your life easy?

Do you want to be your boss?

Blogging is the best solution to solve these issues because you don’t need to go out of your home to make money from blogging.

You can work on blogging at any time.

But you must have to remember these points.

  1. Well-established bloggers do not have real competition because Google considers the older sites as a single whole.
  2. The first few months are the most difficult for your blog.
  3. Do not try to jump the track if you will fail.
  4. Do not try to display your ego.
  5. Do not forget to work hard.
  6. Conclusion: It is difficult for bloggers, but it is also an exciting competition.

It entirely depends on your niche and hard work if you talk about earning. But you can generate a handsome income if you work on your blog smartly.

Select a niche:

The first and the most crucial step to start a blog is niche selection. Every newbie makes a few mistakes while selecting Their niche.

Like others, I made this mistake.

I am a science student, and I don’t have any ideas on the insurance and finance niche. When I started my first blog, I knew that Adsense was the only source to monetize my blog. After watching some videos on youtube, I learned that AdSense gives high CPC on insurance and finance-related websites.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the YouTubers’ CPC in this niche.

That’s why I started a blog on the insurance niche. But as I previously mentioned, I did not have any ideas on this topic. So I began coping articles from others.

After 4-5 months, I understood that I could not rank my website with copied and plagiarized content.

After taking lessons from experience, I started this blog where I used to share blogging, SEO, Crypto, Blogging, Work From Home related articles.

So I will recommend you select a niche where you can write articles yourself.

If you try to copy others’ niches, you will never succeed in blogging. Because after 3 -4 months, you will not be able to write articles on that niche due to a lack of knowledge.

Purchase a Domain:

After selecting a good niche, you have to purchase a domain. If you have already purchased a domain, you can skip this portion.

This section will guide you to purchase the best domain for your site and niche.

The first step in getting a domain name is to look at the range of sites already established where you can get one. GoDaddy, BigRock, Hostinger, and Namecheap are all major websites that can help you buy a new website address.

If you face problems selecting a domain, you can use some online tools. I have recently used this tool to start a micro-niche blog. Trust me, after using the tool; you will love it.

After typing your main keyword on the search box, they provide you with SEO-friendly domain names, and the good thing about this site is all of the domains are available.

To find good domains name on a specific keyword, I have Lean Domain Search. This fantastic tool will add some keywords before or after the main keyword and generate good domain names for you. LiteBlogging is also generated from here.

You can follow the rules before purchasing a domain

  • Always try to buy a .com domain
  • Focus keyword much be on your domain
  • Don’t use any number in the domain name

If you want to succeed concisely, my recommendation is to buy an expired domain name.

A Good Hosting is essential to start a profitable blog because good hosting can improve your website’s speed which is a very crucial ranking factor of Google nowadays.

Do not try to use cheap hosting because these hosting companies use reseller hosting plans and distribute the package.

If you don’t want to invest, you can go with Blogger. But I will never recommend you to go with cheap hosting.

In my opinion, SiteCountry, Hostinger will be best for hosting your site at a very low price.

I have written a detailed post on Best Hosting For Beginners. You can read that article.

Install WordPress:

After selecting good hosting for your site, you have to install WordPress, which is the best CMS at this moment.

Installing WordPress is pretty simple. If you are using SiteCountry or Hostinger, you can install WordPress with one click.

To install WordPress on your hosting, you have to go to your hosting Cpanel.

After going to your posting c panel, scroll down and click on the WordPress icon.

After disturb you will see HTTP, HTTP.www, HTTPS, HTTPS.www

I would prefer for you to go it HTTPS.www if you are serious about blogging.

Why? Because HTTPS sites are secure and Google gives higher priority to secure sites.

Then you will see the blog name description option. You can skip the description option because you can add this after installing.

After that step, you must create a username and password for your blog. It would be best if you used a strong password for your blog. Otherwise, your blog can be hacked.

How you have successfully installed WordPress to your WordPress blog

Select A Theme:

If you have followed my steps, then you have installed WordPress perfectly.

So now you have to select a good and light weighted theme.

I am using GeneratePress premium theme, and it is fantastic and easy to customize.

So my first recommended theme is GeneratePress.

But you can also install Astra theme or Affiliate booster theme

If you have installed your theme, you have to install some necessary plugins.

Install Necessary plugins:

In this section, I will share some essential plugins I am using.

Note: I have recommended this Plugin according to my niche. So if you think that you have to install more plugins for your site, then you can install

SEO Plugin:

If you are using WordPress, you have to install an SEO plugin unless your posts will not index in google. No matter which niche you are working in.

I use rank math SEO plugin. I was using Yoast SEO plugin at the starting. But I have recently migrated to rank math.

Backup Plugin:

The backup Plugin is essential. Because if your blog has been hacked, then your backup will help you recover your site.

You will find hundreds of backup Plugins on But I recommend Duplicator or Updraft.

If you use them, a backup will automatically save every 1 hour.

Social Share Plugin:

Social sharing plugins are essential to get more share and traffic from social media.

I have used so many social plugins. Among them, social soap and social welfare are amazing.

You can also add social share buttons manually if you use generate press premium.

404 Redirect:

If you want to fix 404 errors quickly, I recommend using “Wp 404 Redirect to similar post”. This Plugin will automatically redirect users from broken pages to similar posts.

Start Email Marketing:

After starting a profitable blog, try to collect emails from your viewers to get more leads. To start email marketing, you can find many internet tools. Among them, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Convertful are famous.

Top 5 Free Email Marketing Tools

Start finding low competition Keywords:

If you set all the above steps, you have to find low competition keywords for your niche. As I have mentioned above, Google ranks only authority sites.

So you have to work on the keywords where big and established sites are not working.

I have SEMrush Tools to find low competition keywords. It’s around $100/m. But don’t worry. You can get a free trial of 30 days if you join through the link.

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

Target your competitors:

To get success in blogging, you have to find your competitors.

What are you waiting for? If you start your blog now, you will get a head start on the competition by preempting some of the blogs likely to start up shortly afterward. This will put you in public favor with Google because they tend to love established websites, so we highly recommend starting one up soon before anyone else beats you to it! It’s never too late to get an early start, and once you already have one out there, it’s always easier to work on the next thing.

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