How To Unblock Website From Facebook In 2021

When my old site has been blocked on Facebook, I have searched how to unblock websites from Facebook in 2021, unblock websites from Facebook, etc. But I have not got an article on google. Then I have got a youtube video. 

Facebook is one of the best sources to promote new blog posts. But Facebook now blocks websites for spamming or some other reasons. So in this blog post, I will share with you,

Why Facebook is important?

We shall get no-follow backlinks from Facebook but Facebook posts are very important

1) Google checks the number of Facebook shares before ranking the URL in the top 10

2) Some users do not know the proper SEO. So they have to depend on Facebook traffic to earn from AdSense or affiliate marketing.

3) To get more visits and earn more, users share the website on Facebook.

4) To get the first visits to the new posts, users share their new blog posts on Facebook So that Facebook is very important. But we can not share our posts if facebook blocks our website URL.

WhyFacebook block URL?

1) If anyone shares their posts more than 5 in a day with a single account, their URL will be blocked by Facebook. Because Facebook does not want any spamming on their website or app.

2) If you are using any auto-posting website to share your new posts automatically on Facebook, Facebook would definitely block your URL. I can tell this because I have done the same mistake two times and my friend uses Ifttt and his website is blocked by Ifttt.

3) Do not share any spam content. If you share this, Facebook block you. Like you have made a post on how to get Adsense approval
And you share the with how to make money online tittle.

4) Your URL can be blocked by Facebook if any person reports on your URL.

How to Safe Website From Facebook Block

1) Try to avoid auto-posting and sharing your post legally.

2) Share real content on Facebook
3) Do not share more than 5 posts in a day with a single account

4) Try to share the link by shorting from or another platform.

How to Unblock Website From Facebook in 2021:

I have shared with you two tricks to unblock your website from Facebook. You can try them to unblock your website from Facebook.

1st Method:

To unblock your website from Facebook, you have to submit feedback to Facebook Team.

To submit feedback, you have to share your site link on Facebook. As your site link was blocked by Facebook, they will show you

Your post could not be shared because this link goes against our community criteria.

If you think this goes against our community criteria, let us know

To fix this error, you have to submit feedback to Facebook.

To submit feedback, just click on let us know. After this step, you will find a box where you have to share your feedback and your and website link.

Feedback structure:

If you do not know how to write feedback to Facebook to unblock your site, you can download the structure from the below link

2nd method:

If this trick will work, you can use this method to share your site link.

You can use Tumblr to share your blocked URL on Facebook.

Just go to and create an account. Now share your site link or post link. After that, you will find the share button. Just the URL of the Tumblr post and share it on Facebook. Facebook never blocks the Tumblr URL so that you can share your posts for a lifetime.

3rd Method:

I have tried these two methods. But the Facebook team don’t respond to my request. So I started researching that how can I unblock my website from Facebook. 

I have got only the two methods which I have already explained. 

Then YouTube suggests me a video on ” Live Chat With Facebook “

I watched that video. 

If you want to know how can you do it, then don’t skip this article. 

First of all, you need a Facebook page and an ad manager account. If you have not created it then just create it.

Now go to google and search “FB Business Help” and on to the first site. Now scroll do and you will find “Find answers or contact support” and you will get a button get started. 

Now you will get all the options to contact with the Facebook team. Fill their form and explain your problem and they will try to solve it. 

If you have not violated Facebook policies then they will unblock your domain within 24 hours. 

I hope this blog post has helped you a lot. 

If you still facing any problem then you can unblock your website at a cost of $20. 

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