Learn and earn round 3 quiz

What is the URL of Featured by Binance?


What is O3 Swap?

It’s a cross-chain aggregation protocol

What is the Twitter name of Feateured by Binance


Which of the following are the correct Official Tranchess Channels?

www.tranchess.com; t.me/tranchess; twitter.com/tranchess

What makes ApeSwap different from other yield farms?

ApeSwap uses our own LPs (Ape LPs)

How is the flow game of My Defi Pet arranged in order?

Collect eggs – feed animals – grow plants – harvest – breed – evolve

Can DPET work on different blockchains? What are those blockchains?

Yes, they are BSC and KardiaChain

Who are the seed investors of Tranchess?

Three Arrows Holdings, Spartan Group, Binance Labs, Longhash Capital, IMO Ventures

What chains does O3 Swap currently support?


What reflect token did ApeSwap create to stake in pools for the highest APRs?

Golden Banana (GNANA)

In terms of Token APY in Tranchess, rank the highest yielding token to the least yielding token

Bishop, Queen, Rook

What is the email for creators and brands to engage with Featured by Binance

How is O3 Swap decentralized?

All of the answers

Which of the following events is NOT an event of My Defi Pet?

Map Design

How many GNANA tokens are needed to submit a community proposal for ApeSwap Governance?


How many different wallet can you currently connect to Featured by Binance?


What is My Defi Pet’s Economic Token used for?

In-Game Currency, Governance, Staking, and Play 2 Earn

Which of the following describes Tranchess Tokens correctly?

Token Queen – BTC Tracker, Token Chess – Governance Token, Token Bishop – Pure Yield Earning

How many Tier 5 “Non Fungible Apes” Exist?


What chain will O3 soon be deployed on?

Polygon’s matic chain

Why is ApeSwap’s Native BANANA safe from flashloans?

BANANA minting is fixed at a certain number per block.

How many types of pets currently exist in My DeFi Pet


What is the range of royalties creators can get on Featured by Binance?

0% – 50%

What wallets can be used to connect with O3 Swap?

Neo Line
O3 Wallet

What is the finder’s fee for successfully referring a project to ApeSwap’s BUIDL program?

$500 in BANANA

What are the benefits of the 30 min TWAP feature in Tranchess?

Prevention of oracle attacks and allowing more chess tokens to be mined.

On which open standards NFTs are based?


What is the utility of Chess Token?

Voting for Bishop’s weekly add-on interest rate; Lock Chess to enjoy weekly distribution of protocol income (up to 75%)

How many body parts does each pet potentially have?


What is O3 HUB?

It’s a place where users can stake stablecoins

It’s a cross-chain liquidity pool

It’s a dashboard where users can monitor investments

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